About me

I m a model with over 6 years experience: individual shootings, photo-video, workshops, advertising, working with professional photographers, amateur, beginners and also posing for drawing or sculpture. I speak English, Russian and some German (But prefer to discuss in English). 

APPEARANCE: All natural, very light skin, no tattoos, no piercing, no sun marks, no visible scars or big moles, but sometimes small bruises from pole dance. Hair has reddish tone, its colored, but close to natural color. Pubic hair as a wide stripe, and i prefer to keep it that way. (Shaving can be discussed, I may ask for extra payment, as it takes really long to grow back), the rest of visible bodyhair is removed. 
If u need to see my snapshots (selfies) – they are on my website rada-mila(dot)com. My full portfolio is on the same website. 
I usually make light make-up myself, but if u need something complicated or bright – we may need a make-up artist. 

WARDROBE. I have several lingerie sets, different clothes. If needed I can send u pictures of some items suitable for your idea. 
I make bodyharness-lingerie myself (just 4-5 designs for now, will be more later), which we can use for a shoot. 

SKILLS. I’m going to gym, have several years of yoga experience and learning pole dance. So I’m quite flexible and fit, but have my limits. If u need complicated poses – please send me examples or ask what I can. I can express different emotions quite easily if required for concept. I can pose myself and can follow your ideas as well. 

AVAILABILITY AND TRAVEL. Working in Berlin is possible almost any time, I also travel often. I d be happy if u invite me to your city! I will ask for travel cost if I go to a particular city only for your shooting. If I have several jobs in one place – road I pay myself. 

BOOKING INFO. Paid work in priority.  I don’t shoot porno or open legs. 
Currently I m interested in developing my work in directions: fashion, fashion-nude, emotional or humorous concepts, poledance, maybe video. And of course I m happy to shoot art-nude, portraits and everything u can see in my portfolio. Fetish or shibari shootings should be discussed in details, I have experience, but careful about these styles. 
TFP might sometimes interesting if it benefits my portfolio, and if there is a guarantee I will receive results Would be also interested in publications for magazines. For now published in Modellenworld Magazine 2016 with series “Nudies Goodies”). 
I may ask u to give contacts of models who already made shootings with u if I don’t see references. I prefer to discuss everything about shooting on website or by mail and see all the conditions written. 
Please no touching during the shooting (no massage or putting oil on me, I can do it myself). If u just 1-2 times put my hand in the right position for the picture – that’s fine. 

The best is to write your full offer and conditions in the first message. 

U can also write me to radmila.photo@gmail.com 

Looking forward to working with you!